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In general, it's not fair to blanketly categorize what Japanese people think of Arabs, as it varies greatly from person to person. However, some Japanese people appreciate the rich history and culture of Arab nations, while others might hold stereotypes due to lack of personal experience or media influence. It's also worth noting that Japan and Arab countries have a history of trade and diplomatic relations which adds to the understanding and respect. But, there's also curiosity and a sense of unfamiliarity due to the cultural differences. It's important to remember, these are just observations and not every Japanese person will share these views.
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Why do Saudis all dress the same?

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Saudis are known for dressing similarly, in the traditional thobe and ghutra. This is due to the culture of modesty in Saudi Arabia, which emphasizes respect and humility. Additionally, wearing similar clothing is a way to show unity and solidarity, particularly among men. The thobe is a loose, long-sleeved robe, while the ghutra is a traditional headdress designed to protect against the hot desert sun. This traditional dress is commonly worn in the Kingdom, and is seen as a symbol of national identity. Furthermore, Saudis are encouraged to wear traditional dress for special occasions and formal events. By dressing similarly, Saudis demonstrate their pride in their culture and adherence to the customs of their country.
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